Fear is Spreading Faster than Any Virus

The most damning and dangerous thing I know of is Fear.  This is a time when that danger called Fear is looming Globally. We sit in an uncertain time … a time filled with so much that we do not know. It feels as if we have no control and that “someone” or “something” else does. There are very real events happening that we do not understand or know exactly how to protect ourselves or those we love from.

The US media is filled with an opinionated commentary of incessant words, conversations and images that spark only more uncertainty and experiences of lack of control (fear) mixed with a poignant flavor of attacking any and every one (anger, hate, revenge, etc.) in the process based on their own agenda. It is a bad combo that provides nothing that helps us. My clients from around the world have their own versions of local and national news that sounds similar.

Social Media is another haven of misinformation, opinion and agenda. If we could remember that it was designed as a good-intention “social” platform vs a truthful platform we would be much less likely to be impacted by it … but, regardless, it has become another source of Fear and its accompanying array of emotional counterparts.

In general, Fear and Panic are running wild. Fear is more contagious than and spreading faster than any virus could. It is no longer just our own fear we need to content with but the swelling mass fear that is growing … a vicious cycle that, without some interruption keeps expanding exponentially.  It’s just basic: Whatever we focus on expands!!

We are left with questions that seem to have no answers: What decisions are being made for us next? Where do we turn for accurate information? What is there to do? What is there not to do? How do I handle this personally? How do I handle this with my business? What impacts have we not even begun to see? What is going to happen next? Where does this end up?

In the middle of it all … we come face to face with our humanity. We humans have so many choices in how to deal with life but, at moments like these, we seem to be caught in a web of feeling like our emotions are being dictated by the global, national and local situation. We don’t have to fall for that … we actually each have a choice in our thoughts and emotions at any point in time.

There are, as I see it, two predominate human forces … love and fear. All other human emotions stem from one of these two. The only energy powerful enough to dispel the energy of Fear is Love. We have free will to choose. We each get our moments to choose to grab onto one or the other force and have it guide us. Depending on which one we lock into we will have very different experiences of what is going on around us.

Fear makes us catatonic!! It shuts us down!!! We can neither think clearly nor creatively when we are engrossed in fear.  That paralysis that comes with it is one of the key things that makes Fear so dangerous!  We need to be able to be present, aware, awake and crystal-clear with our eyes wide open.

I personally refuse to let fear run my show. It is there, I see it and feel it, but I won’t give it the power to shut me down and block out love. I am not resisting it or fighting it. I am simply and intentionally refocusing on love each time it shows up. In love there is ever-increasing freedom, in fear there is only ever-increasing constraints.

I am not in denial that there are things happening that are impacting us in very real ways.  I am clear that there is a lot to deal with on this planet right now. I am not sticking my head in the sand and drifting into denial or floating off in LaLaLand.  I just know that I have a choice about how I react to everything that is happening and in that choice between fear and love, I am choosing love.

This past week, as I have spoken to my clients, and also in my own personal life, I have let myself become overwhelmed by love not fear.  I have, inside of that, had more clarity that I have had in years. It is as if the simple act of releasing fear and focusing on love has opened all of my senses, sharpened my mind and intensified my connection to others and my HigherSelf.  I am seeking new ways to view things and new ways to do things.

I do not know your exact situation in life right now. What I do know is that each of us, with our own lives, families and communities, are doing the best we know how given our situations and what we know at any moment.   I know “this too shall pass”.  I know NOTHING will ever be the same again, just as it has never been the same again from day to day ever (we only act as if it has been, perhaps).

I also know we will adapt and find solutions and that things that might have taken years to invent, create and change are now happening at lightning speed.  I hate that we humans often seem to need to suffer loss or hit bottom to change things, but we can change.

I know, most importantly, that we are being called to release our fears and find our love. It is no small task … both extremely challenging and yet so very simple if we can allow for it. Living onward with fear and all of the other experiences that are out shoots and counterparts of it (anger, hate, revenge, envy, etc.) just isn’t a future we need to buy into.

Fear will separate us and drive us against one another. It will cause us to be suspicious of one another, hate one another, blame one another, shut out one another, compete with one another, negate one another and kill one another off (physically, emotionally and/or mentally). It will also, in the process strip us of our inner peace, joy and freedom.

Love on the other hand will give us strength, and courage and clarity. It will cause us to be compassionate with one another, understand one another better, allow for one another to be different, work with one another and empower one another for the good of all.  It will also, in the process build our inner peace, joy and freedom.

You can hear this however you wish … it may sound like crazy, ignorant thoughts to you or … if you are willing to just try it on … it may resonate with you in a deep place that has you know that it might have some validity.  Either way, I know that it is the message that I am needing to bring, and I am not, with my vow to myself to not let fear run my show,  letting fear stop me from bringing it.

I invite you to join me, in this interesting time, to bring down your fear and bring up your love.  I think the first step is to just allow yourself to start with receiving love from me and others who are giving it. It is powerful enough to touch YOU wherever you are … it has no space and time.

One interesting thing, to take note of, is that you cannot give to others what you are unwilling to give to yourself or to receive from others.  It is a connected spectrum … if you limit your self-love and your receiving end then you also limit your giving end of the spectrum. In these times it could be so easy to flip into blocking out love as extension of being scared and paralyzed, even though it is exactly what we deeply desire.  We will find ways be “tough” and put up our walls. It may also be easy to only give love to others skipping over the love we need to give to ourselves.  We will not love ourselves and we won’t let others love us. It is counter-productive.

Once you are open to and begin loving yourself and letting yourself receive love then please start giving it.  Begin with those closest to you and keep spreading outward. Remember: Whatever we focus on expands. Love and fear cannot live in the same space … keep bringing your focus back to love. When fear surfaces … just move back to love.  You don’t need to resist fear or fight fear … just refocus on love.

This may seem lame in light of what is going on. I assert that if we can pause and breathe and release our fear, even if we need to do that a million times a day, that in those moments when the fear is not there and we are letting love guide us … then new things begin to happen.  Solutions will come faster, we will link arms for a bigger cause for all, more of us will be spared and brilliant changes (that needed to happen anyhow) can propel us humans forward vs. backwards.  Evolution can happen this way.

I also have some other recommendations for this particular human moment in time:

1) If you are caught in the grips of fear and can’t release it or refocus it then, please find someone who isn’t caught up in fear to talk to. Trying to release your fear while only interacting with and engaging with everyone else’s fear is a rather fruitless exercise.  We need to seek out others who can partner with us in a move up and out of fear.

2) Turn your TV off for a moment. Get out of Social Media for a second. Stop listening to the panic for a second. Reduce the noise of fear. Notice, I am not saying to ignore what is happening or disconnect from each other… just give yourself a breather from the mass fear, pause it some … notice how if you give it a break you might begin to feel less stressed. Begin to learn the facts… from real sources not laced with fear, panic and an agenda. Begin to connect with others in a mindful and meaningful way vs as a brain-dead activity.

3) Do whatever you need to do to spend your time focusing on learning what you need to do to take care of yourself for real. Educate yourself.  There is so much to learn about how to keep our health optimal and protected … this is time to incorporate lifestyle changes.  What does it take to boost your immune system in a real way? How does the stress you have been indulging in lower your immune system? What does it really look like to protect yourself and others? Ask some real questions and get some real answers.

4) Dig deep. Love Yourself and nurture Yourself. Look at what you have really needed and wanted for yourself … your REAL SELF … and bring that to YOU! What are the lessons you can learn that will take you to a new level of self-love.

5) Start looking for solutions vs. being trapped in the paralysis caused by fear.  There is a very distinct opportunity to propel our lives and other lives globally forward.  We can really create amazing things now that will not only keep us from continuing down this human path that got us here, but take a quantum leap into a New Age for You and all of us.

6) Be a contribution to others. Lots of people are in real need … a lot of people are at real risk … physically, financially, mentally, etc.   Get out of your head and see where you can actually be of service. It is time to look around, those at risk have probably been at risk for some time now, this only increases it and brings it to the surface. Take on caring, loving and connecting in whatever way possible that is safe.  It will give you a sense of purpose in a time when you may be questioning the purpose of everything.

Finally, I want to express my gratitude for YOU and acknowledge the courage it takes to be human today and evolve.  I know we can triumph together through any circumstances. Please take care of you and yours in this process. I am sending you my love.  I invite you to reach out to me if you need to. I am making myself available, between client calls, to speak with anyone who may need or want to talk with me. Simply text or WhatsApp me at +1 813-416-5778 and we will find a time to speak together.

(P.S. If you want more details about how to handle fear then please feel free to check out a prior blog post of mine: https://www.freedom-is-now.com/2019/10/24/freedom-or-fear/).



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