Ready for New Results & FREEDOM in Your Life?

LIFE is full of lots of different areas … finances, family, our homes, our health, etc.  Bottom line is that it is ALL tied together.   When your relationship/s are not working it impacts your health and when your health is not working it impacts your finances, etc.  If one area is not working then usually multiple areas are not and you are lacking FREEDOM. YOU can have your WHOLE life look exactly the way YOU want it to and follow your true Passions and PURPOSE in the process … soon! WE can kick your LIFE into a total experience of FREEDOM together!

Family & Friends

Challenges between family Members and/or Friends keeping you separate from them?

Does Your Relationships with FAMILY & FRIENDS Look the way YOU want them too?

YOU can be the one to create your family and/or your friends to be the way you really want them to be.   Your closest connections with family & friends doesn’t have to be difficult.  I can show You how to create love, trust and comfort in your Family and among your Friends!

Time Working For You?

Time is not a mystery ... there is actually time to accomplish the things you want in life!


There are 168 hours in every week.  The trick is to use each minute of that 168 hours to your advantage in life.  Time is yours to control … you have just been led to believe it limits you instead.   You can take control of your time and never suffer from an unbalance life again!

Fulfilling Your Purpose!

Life can begin to seem empty when we forget or do not know WHY we are here!

LIFE Can be a Celebration of Your Passion

Do you find yourself frequently thinking that this can’t be all there is to life?  Then it is probably time to uncover/rediscover/create your true purpose and passion in life.   With that resolved then you can start lining life up as an expression of that purpose and life takes on a new level of JOY & fulfillment!

Loving YOU!

When we learn to love, appreciate and acknowledge ourself it is the beginning of being able to fully give to others!


Helping others starts with SELF Love.  Contributing to the planet starts with SELF Love.  Giving begins with being able to receive.  It is all a cycle and starts with us being able to honor ourselves first.  Anywhere in your life that you have given your power away and do not honor you it is time to begin doing that NOW!

Why Invest in Life Coaching with Me

  • Having It ALL Work
  • Making sure those you Love feel loved
  • Keeping you Physically, Emotionally & Mentally Balanced
  • Creating a Life that Aligns with the REAL YOU
  • Finding and Following YOUR Passion/Mission

  • Making sure your finances support you

What Client’s Say

After years of working in a job that I have no passion for I have uncovered what my real passion and purpose in life is.  Kym has helped me to not only discover that but we are no busy building a structure for me to be able to have my new business successfully running and be able to leave my old job in less than a year.  I wake up so alive now!!

Ellen P

I have always been very high strung and impatient.  I now maintain a sense of calm and lightheartedness that I never thought possible.  I am also losing weight and have a whole new experience of love and commitment to myself that I am so thankful to Kym for!  I can’t wait to see what we conquer together next!

Beatriz H

Kym has, in a very short amount of time, helped me repair a 20 year old, feud between two sides of my family so that my children can know their whole family.  While working on that I have also begun to balance out my life, improved my finances and now have more time to do the things I love.

Lucas G