YOU deserve to have your LIFE look the way you want it to!

It is possible and I can get you there sooner than you can imagine!

You simply need someone who BELIEVES IN YOU and can help you see what needs to be changed to create FREEDOM in your life & then help you change it!

Our brains are wired with and run off certain patterns.  Many of those patterns limit us and strip our FREEDOM away. You need someone to help you uncover those old patterns and move them out of the way, while also showing you how to create the new wiring and patterns you actually need instead.  This will enable you to accomplish what YOU want to accomplish.  Sound simple?  With someone who is an expert at working with patterns it is.  I am that someone!  I BELIEVE IN YOU and will help you produce the RESULTS and FREEDOM you want!!

Endless Possibilities: You Are Either Ready or Not

Coaching is not for everyone! If you think you have nothing you want to improve in your life or if you aren’t willing to do what it takes to get the life you say you want …. well then my coaching isn’t for you.  For the rest of you … ANYTHING in your life can be altered, improved, enhanced, evolved and transformed!  All it takes is Your Actions, Willingness and Commitment to YOU + My Experience, Knowledge and Commitment to YOU.  I am ready to go … ARE YOU?

I Believe in YOU!! YOU Deserve Fabulous Results!!

So often we know that something needs to change but it may or may not be what we think it is.  Not only that, but even if we know what needs to change we may not know how to change it.  Coaching is an answer to how to do things differently so that you get different results.  I will be by YOUR side as we discovery what your blind spots are and then move through them so that they no longer stop you, slow you down or sabotage you.  That is work we cannot usually do by ourselves.   What can I coach YOU in?  Tons of things … scroll on down …

Take your business to the next level!  Want to expand your profits, your product or service line, reduce the time you spend working?  Let me help you free up your income, your time and your reach out into the world.

Is your life working the way you want it to?  Is it balanced?  Do you have the things you desire and the people you desire in your life?  Let’s free you up to create the life you want … turning life into a 10+.

How long have you been looking for “the right person”?   Are you wasting tons of time & money on the process of looking?  Let’s free you up to start having you happily enjoy the dating process + begin to find the person you are looking for.

How is your romantic relationship doing on a scale of 1 – 10 (1 being you are not even sure why you are in it 10 being that it is dreamy, delicious and everything you ever dreamed of)?    If you can truthfully say it is anything but a 10 then it is time to shake things up and free you up to move it to a 10.

Creativity is something we can all increase!!! When our creativity is wide open we approach life from a very alive place.  I can work with you to free up your creativity and free you from all the patterns that have have been blocking it so you can keep the flow  going for yourself!

Are you an Artist or Creative that wants to get your art more out in the world, grow the business of your Art, sell your Art more, find new ways to collaborate with others and/or balance your life and your Art?  Well, let’s free you up to do all of that plus anything else you uniquely need so your Art can thrive.

Do you need a longer list of things I can help you produce results with … OK, so here are a few more specific things…

If you don’t see what you are looking for then just contact me and ask … I simply can’t fit everything here.

  • Increases in Personal Income

  • Love revived in Romantic Relationships

  • Finding Your Purpose in Life

  • Reestablishing Close Connections with Families and/or Friends

  • Balancing Life and Work

  • Opening up Your Creativity

  • Creating Gratefulness in Life

  • Disappearing Limiting Beliefs and Sabotaging Patterns

  • Bringing Joy and Bliss into life

  • Plan and Accomplish Your Goals

  • Increasing Business Profits by at least 300%

  • Being in Complete Control of Time

  • Recognize What is Stopping You & Stopping it.

  • Having the Ability to Negotiate Well

  • Making You The Top Priority

  • Honoring Yourself in Everything You Do

  • Turning Art Businesses into A Consistent Income Stream

  • Finding the right people to Date

  • Falling in Love Newly with Your Current Partner

  • Improve ANYthing

  • Get Clear on Who You Really Are

  • Have Your Relationship with Your Children Work

  • Live Exactly Where and How you WANT to

  • Get Power Back in Your Life

  • Take care of Yourself Phycially

  • Structure or Re-Structure Your Business

  • Reduce Your Stress

Ridiculously Easy to Get Started!!

Here is how it goes:  We get together on a Discovery Call and spend some time together.  In that call YOU; tell me about YOUYOUR visions for the future and YOUR challenges.  I talk with YOU specifically about what I can do to to help YOU accomplish your visions as quickly  and easily as possible.  If YOU see it is a match for YOU then we create a plan that works for you financially, set up our first official call and away we go.  EASY.  FAST.

I LOVE my clients and they love our results!!!

As my client, YOU and fulfilling on your visions are my TOP priorities!!   There is no settling for less that what you REALLY want.  I am here to make sure that you get to live an “AND” (Yes, I’ll have this “and” this “and” this) life not an “either or” life (I can only have this “or ” that but not both).

“I never dreamed I could accomplish so much!”

“WOW- AMAZING is all I have to say about my Coaching experience with Kym.   I really never imagined that I could begin to master my finances and time the way I have with Kym. Not only that but my Relationship with my wife has the excitement it had when we first get married.  Kym has been with me every step along the way, giving brilliant guidance and making the things that seemed impossible not only possible but actually easy!  Thank you so much for changing my life, Kym!” – Marty Z (Life Coaching)

Kym has been absolutely committed to producing the results in my Art Business.  She has taken me from selling nothing to making approx. $5K per month and I know now how to continue making it move forward.   I am now convinced that I do not have to be a starving artist and I can have a balanced life in addition to being a professional artist!

Susan M, (Artist Coaching)

My Business has never worked so smoothly as it has since I started working with Kym.   She is very intuitive and always knows exactly what I need to do to move through whatever barriers get in my way each step along the way.  I have, so far, increased my profits by over 400%, reduced the amount of time that I work by 30%, and taken the lead in my local industry over competition that has been here 10 years longer than me.  Best part is that I am only been in my coaching agreement for 3 months!!!  I can’t imagine what we get to create next!!!

Mona F, (Business Coaching)

I have been trying to find the right women to date for years.   It has been a complete disaster until I started working with Kym.  She started by showing me what women were looking for in on-line profiles and interactions.  Then as I began to get  the attention from the kind of women I was hoping to meet she continued to work with me to help me to not only get a first date but 2nd & 3rd dates.  I can’t wait to see what happens next.  My confidence is growing by the day!

Mark K, (Dating Coaching)

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