Is Your Business Serving & Creating FREEDOM for YOU???

Your business is meant to serve YOU …. not the other way around.  If your business is NOT producing the results you want or need it to produce then it is time to turn that around.   Once we get to the source of what is not working then we can apply my tools to making Quantum Leaps for YOU.   More profits?  More Passive Income?  Staff & Teams that really work?  Staff members that are Effective and Efficient? Ready to Expand?  Anything is possible with Me by your side as we work together on YOUR Results!

Starting UP?

Starting you own business doesn't need to be scary or hard!!

Build for the Future!

If you build stability, sustainability and structure into your business right from the beginning then your business will support you vs. the other way around!  Starting a company and beginning to grow it does NOT have to be hard work.  It can be built a step at a time with the right foundation to last forever!

Ready to Expand?

Whether it is expanding locations, products, services or profits, expansion is a big game!!!

Expansion Can be an Exciting Adventure + Very Profitable.

With me by your side expansion can be exhilarating and safe!  Expansion, when done properly, never has to result in hardships in time or money lost!  You can quantum leap right past all the challenges as we lay out what needs to be accomplished and then take the right actions to accomplish those things!

People Build Your Business

Any business success depends on you being a Master at communications with people!

Your People and Communications Skills Can Make or Break Your Business

People … they are your business!  The results of both your staff and your clients are an outcome of your people skills.  If you want to grow internally or externally you will need to increase your and your staff’s communication and people skills as a foundation to that growth!  The place many people fail in their businesses is in these soft skills … don’t let that be you!

Quantum Leap

There are times in your business when you know it is time for a REAL change vs. a little improvement.

Doing BIG jumps is just as easy as small ones!

Making large leaps in your business does not have to be hard … it just needs to be well planned and implemented well.  Those skills aren’t taught in school and you may not naturally know how to do that.  40+ years of business consulting/coaching/advising experience is what I bring to you as I become your partner in taking that Quantum Leap now!

Business Coaching That Produces Results

  • Setting Solid Measurable Goals & Results
  • Making sure you are empowered every step along the way
  • Expanding and Growing in a way that is Sustainable
  • Always Keeping YOUR Vision a Priority
  • Making sure we are taking the RIGHT Action Consistently

What Client’s Say

Kym has guided me through establishing a new coaching business that is already making profits.   Her ability to cut through my challenges and give me real business solutions plus help me with through my own self-sabotaging blind-spots around money is fabulous!   I think anyone starting a business should call Kym immediately!

Helen B, Coaching

Within one coaching session with Kym I was able to begin turning around my 20 year old business that has been flat for the last 5 years.  Her insights are brilliant and she is a Master of organization and building structures that are solid, easy to apply and will contribute on and on into the future.  I wish I had know about Kym 5 years ago when things starting going flat.  I am so grateful I have her in my court now!

Julie C, Insurance

Working with Kym, my profits went up 500% in several months.  Not only that but, at the same time I have reduced the amount of time I work by 20 hours a week.  Kym is showing me how I can continue to expand and grow a business that will keep growing while needing less of less of my labor.  It is becoming my dream company!

Bob T, Marketing